Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation!! - part 1

This year for vacation we went to the beach for a few days then headed to the mountains to Tweetsie Railroad.  We had so much fun!

Here are some a ton of pics from our beach vacay . . .

  These girls were ready to go to the beach!!  Ava had on a shirt that said "Beach or Bust".

 Passing the time :)

  We stopped in Wilmington first.  Photo op with the USS Battleship North Carolina in the background.

 Kilwin's for ice cream
 As soon as we got to the beach we put our bathing suits on and went straight for the water!

 There was a small water jungle at the place where we stayed.  The water was cold so this was the only time that Adrianna ran through a part of it :)

We went walking around at some shops one night.  Saw a few interesting things . . . 
 One of those things was a girl on stilts . . .

 another was a girl walking around with a snake wrapped around her arm (bottom right picture).  Not sure why the girls wanted to touch it . . . but they did.  Ugh!

 We were all Bad Pirates!

We went to play mini golf one night . . . 
 Ava got a hole-in-one!
It was a really neat course with quotes from Treasure Island at every hole.  It started pouring rain at around hole 8 so we were able to get a rain check and went back the next day . . .
Since we got rained out of our first attempt at mini golf, we drove around a little.  I like to go in those tacky beach stores - Aaron hates it - but he found a really good one!   We had so much fun in this store (I can't remember the name).  They had crazy statues all over the place so the girls decided it was picture time.  There weren't many people in the store but the ones that were there thought it was funny that the girls were doing this . . . check out the pics . . .

 Aaron even participated!

We had a great time!  We left on Ava's birthday but we came home to a little celebration . . .

Ava wanted to eat at Moe's so we called a friend and met them there then came back to the house for cake, ice cream, and presents.

10 years old!

Stay tuned for Vacation!! - part 2, Tweetsie Railroad


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