Friday, July 6, 2012

A week ago . . .

Ava was just getting back from camp.  My sister's husband is a pastor at their church and he took the youth.  We thought this would be a great opportunity for Ava to go to camp and have an adult family member with her.  That way we didn't worry as much she would feel more comfortable being away from home.  While they went to camp, Adrianna was with my Mom visiting my sister for the week.  I missed them so much! 

Aaron and I were able to catch up on some movies and TV shows that we don't watch when the kids are around and I got to spend some time in my craft room :)

Pillowcase with crocheted trim

I stopped by the Hospice flea market one afternoon. . .

Got a red Pyrex bowl, mini salad spinner (Yay!!) and a teacup.  Not sure why I bought the teacup but it was only 50 cent.  The salad spinner was $2.00!  I couldn't believe it.  I had just told Aaron I would like to have one.  And I can't remember what I paid for the Pyrex bowl. . .

Adrianna came home the day before Ava did . . .

She had so much fun with my Mom and sister but she was glad to be home.  My Mom brought her to me at work and she jumped in my arms and gave me the biggest hug when she saw me. 

My neighbor shared some squash, cucumbers and tomatoes from her garden with us that evening.  She let Adrianna pick the cucumbers.

Adrianna and I had a lunch date with while we were waiting on Ava to get home that Friday.

Ava had tons of fun at camp!  I was worried about her going and she did have a moment of homesickness before she actually got to camp but quickly got over it when camp actually started.  She had a blast!
But she was really tired when she got home!

This past weekend we decided we would take the girls bowling and let them use some of their free bowling passes they earned at school.
We really should go more often!
It was kinda late when we went . . . Ava was tired

I took the girls to the fireworks Wednesday night.  The Mr. had to work so he missed it.  We decorated our own 4th of July t-shirts the night before.  You can see them in this post.  I didn't want to fight the crowd and traffic at the Arts Center where the fireworks were going to be so we did the same thing as last year and found a good spot in a parking lot close by, set up our chairs, and enjoyed the show from there.  Then we packed it up as fast as we could and high tailed it outta there and beat all the traffic leaving!  Yay!

Today the girls and I spent 5 hours shopping.  Not sure how that happened and we didn't even get much.  But we rewarded ourselves with a Mocha Coconut Frappuccino from Starbucks while we were in Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, that's what's been going on in my (instagram) life!

I still need to blog about what I did for my birthday!  I'll get to it!


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