Saturday, July 7, 2012

Girls Morning Out

 This morning I took the girls to the farmers market . . .
  They were fascinated with all the varieties of tomatoes

 We bought some of these Fairy Tale Eggplants

Adrianna couldn't wait to snack on some baby bell peppers

  The girls each got a Sunflower

 We took a break for some fresh lemonade and a cinnamon roll

 The girls enjoyed getting samples of breads, honey, veggies and fruits at some of the stands

 What we took home . . . sunflowers, fairy tale eggplant, sungold tomatoes, and baby bell peppers
 Aren't these so cute?  We came home and roasted some eggplant with squash and onion and snacked on the tomatoes and peppers with hummus.  Yum!

The girls loved the farmers market and are asking to go back next weekend. 


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