Saturday, October 6, 2012

Meet Pippa!

Meet the newest member of our family!  Her name is Pippa!

The girls have been begging us for a dog for as long as they could speak to ask for one.  We have always said no.  Aaron and I know what to expect with a puppy and how time consuming (not to mention how expensive) puppies are.  Yes, they are cute and sweet but they also require being potty trained, your full attention, food, baths, vet visits, etc.

So what did we do?  We got a puppy!  Not just any puppy but a Boston Terrier.  My favorite dog!  My family had Boston Terriers as we were growing up and loved them.  They were the best dogs :)

How did this happen?  Well, my Mother-in-law had to have her dog put to sleep a couple of weeks ago (he had a massive tumor which was blocking his bowls), so of course the girls were asking her if she was going to get another dog, she said maybe . . . we started looking at puppy pictures and it went downhill from there. 

After a lot of research - cause you have to be picky when choosing a family pet - I found our girl!  We surprised the girls last night and told them that we were going to go see a puppy and MAYBE bring her home with us.  You should have heard the screams and squeals and giggles!  There may have even been some tears.

We made the trip to get our puppy last night.  I really think she liked us as soon as she saw us, too!  So we took her home :)

The conversation in the car on the drive home went little like this:

oh, she's so cute
look at her face
what are we going to name her?
how about (insert very name you could possibly think of here)
aw, she's so cute
look at her face
what are we going to name her?

and so on.  
We probably suggested about 120 names between us 4 and my sister and her husband  (we were texting back and forth).  And finally settled on Pippa thanks to Aaron's suggestion.  It just felt like it fit as soon as he said it.  Can you guess where that name came from?  

On the way home we stopped at Petsmart to stock up on puppy supplies.  Cause we had nothing.  Nada.  I did purchase a crate earlier in the day so she could have a safe trip home but ended up holding her in my lap anyway.  She was scared, what can I say?

The girls are quickly learning that this puppy thing is no joke!  I was pleased with our experience with Petsmart.  We were greeted by a very helpful young lady named Kayla.  She helped us with food, treats, a collar and leash, pee pee pads, bowls, and toys.  And then we checked out.  Jeez.

When we got home, Pippa did a little exploring, and little eating, and a little pooping.  She seemed happy and full of energy (I was thinking, great - I'm so tired and this dog is nowhere ready to go to sleep).  She seemed just liked she belonged here.

Aaron stayed up with her until 11:00 then put her in her crate to sleep.  She cried for about 20 minutes then I didn't hear anything else from her until around 5:00 this morning.  I heard her moving around so I went ahead and got up before she started crying.  She was happy to see me and promptly peed and pooped - on a pee pee pad PTL!  OK, I had to run behind her to catch the poop on the pee pee pad.  TMI, I know but the point is, it didn't hit the floor!

The girls and I took her to the vet this morning - another lesson in puppy care expense for the girls!  The vet gave her a great report on her health and everything else!   The vet was great, as were all the staff there, and answered every question I had.  He said she could make quick trips outside to potty then straight back in.  We do put her collar on her when she goes out with the leash attached but without it being held so she can get used to it.  She doesn't care for her collar and scratches at it.  I don't know what she thinks about the leash . . .

 Adrianna had a soccer game this morning so before we left she made a quick trip outside and did all her business there. YAY!  Then we crated her and went to the game.  She was happy to see us when we got home and we made another trip outside and she took care of business again!  I'm probably jinxing myself but she's been really good about using the potty outside.

Pippa has a great personality and we think it fits her!  Already she is responding to her name!  She's spunky and friendly and will lick the bejesus out of ya.  She is so sweet and already likes to cuddle and lay in your lap.  And she already has Aaron wrapped around her little paw :)



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