Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have You Jingled??

Have you jingled your neighbors? We have! The Advent activity for today was to "jingle your neighbors". This is the same idea as "Booing" that people were doing around Halloween. I thought it would be cute to do something like that for Christmas. I also thought I was going to have to write a poem but a little internet research turned up "Jingled" along with a poem. You can print the poem and elf picture from this website.

We printed the poem and made the "treat" last night. I packaged it up in cute little Christmas themed Chinese take-out boxes.

Yummy! These are addictive! Thanks to a friend who got me hooked on these :)

The girls were so excited about this and they begged me to do it as soon as we got home. Of course we had to wait until our neighbors got home . . .

Someone was being very silly . . .

They tried to be sneaky . . .

set the treat by the door, rang the doorbell and RAN!

They had so much fun with this and wanted to do the whole neighborhood :)
You can Jingle your neighbor's, too!

Yesterday's Advent activity was for the girls to take a Christmas Tree to their teacher's. They made these super cute trees with their Opa a few weekends ago. He let them pick out the ornaments and decorate each one how they wanted to. I think they turned out great!

Now off to make some more Christmas crafts!!

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