Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas boxes (a tutorial)

Today my Mom came over to do a special Christmas craft with me and the girls.  It's one that she used to do with me and my sister when we were little.  We made ornaments out of Christmas cards.  They are Christmas boxes.  I don't know if you like getting Christmas cards in the mail as much as I do, but I look forward to them each year.  I just don't know what to do with them after Christmas is over.  I hate to throw them away but I can't keep them all.  I remember making these boxes with my Mom out of Christmas cards that we would get in the mail.  She would keep the prettiest ones or the special ones and we would get to work.  The really neat thing about these is if you are able to use Christmas cards you have received from family or friends, the sender most likely has signed the inside or written a Christmas message and you can usually include this in your ornament!  I've put together a little tutorial for you just in case you want to try some yourself!  These are so easy a 6 year old can do it.  In pj's. 

Wow!  Look at that messy table.

Ava hard at work!

Materials needed:
Christmas cards (I did buy a box of assorted cards at Walmart for less than $3)

Step 1:

Tear the card down the fold so the front and back are now seperate.

Step 2:

Use your ruler and going from one corner to the opposite corner, make an x on the back of the front of the card and an x on the back of the back of the card.

 (the half that is on the left is the inside of the front of the card.  the half on the right is showing the inside of the card, make the x on the back of that half)


Step 3:

Fold the bottom of the card up towards the center of the x and make a crease.  Do this to both ends.  Open the card flat again and do the sides the same way.

fold ends to center of x . . .
open up and fold sides to center of x . . .

Step 4:

Make a cut on a fold in each corner to make the tabs (follow the pictures, this part is hard to explain).

Step 5:

You want to be able to fold the tabs on each end in to make the box.

fold tabs in to form box . . .
Step 6:

There will be a little extra sticking up at the top of each end, fold this over to secure the tabs and tape down.

use a little piece of tape on the inside . . .

Step 7:

There!  You have the first part of your box done.  Now do the same with the other part of the card to complete the box.  Make sure when you are folding the back of the card for the bottom of the box that the "greeting" or signatures are on the outside.  That way you will know who sent you the card!  Also, Christmas cards usually have a Bible verse written inside so this will also be on the back of the box.

Step 7:

Glue ribbon or bows or embellish as you wish.  You will also want to make sure you add something to hang the ornament with.

We will be using these as gift tags!

Now you have a pretty little ornament and a sweet keepsake!

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