Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let's Decorate!

We decided to put our tree up tonight!  I usually wait until it's closer to Christmas because I start having an anxiety attack just thinking about putting up the tree.  It's just makes such a big mess!  THEN you have to take it all down and put it away when Christmas is over.  I don't know what has changed this year but I have been so excited about decorating.  I have so many ideas for more decorations that I'll be working on.

This was actually the activity on the advent calendar for today (hmmm . . .  wonder if that was planned?  wink wink). The girls got up early this morning, eager to see what would be on the advent calendar.

Decorate the tree!  

Adrianna was so excited that it was "decorate the tree"! 
 At first she was mad that we were going to wait until this evening to do it so she pouted and stomped around.  However, she got over it and they went to my Mom's for the afternoon.

We've been counting down the days with fun stuff to do

With the Christmas music turned up really loud, the girls jumped right in!

They concentrated really hard with the placement of the ornaments . . .

Making sure all the "holes" were filled . . . 

Stepping back to admire our work every now and then . . .

Reminiscing as we went through the Christmas ornament boxes . . .

 Checking to be sure all the ornaments had hooks . . .

Fluffing and rearranging to make sure everything was in it's place.

 The girls take turns each year placing the star on top of the tree.  We couldn't remember who did it last year so they flipped a coin.  Ava won.  Adrianna pouted.  

It wasn't an easy task!  And a very precarious perch in order to reach the top.  A very unsteady Ava made for a very nervous Mommy and Daddy.  Aaron was holding onto her but I still was ready to catch her if I had to.  Thought she was going to topple here!  Hence the blurry photo.

The finished tree!  We went with purples, blues and greens this year :)  I love this color combination! 

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