Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Soccer, bubbles and paint

We have had some beautiful weather here the past few days!  My kids LOVE playing outside!  Me? Not so much.  I really don't like to get sweaty or dirty.  However, I have really enjoyed getting outside with the kids lately.  The time change has been nice also.  A little extra daylight means more time to play outside.  I also have been running with the New Runners Club and am loving it.  I actually look forward to running and feel a little lost on my off days.  To curb that "lost" feeling and keep me on my path to getting in shape, I have been doing some quick workouts that the hubby has helped me with on my off days.  


We've had a lot going on lately.  Adrianna started her first season of soccer!  She had one practice then the next day had a game.  We loved watching her play.  She did really well for not having played before and was the biggest cheerleader for her team.  I just loved watching her jump up and down while she cheered her team on from the sidelines.  It was cold and rainy for her first game and we were miserable but she loved it!   

Looking like a pro already ;)

We got some things done around the house this weekend.  One of those thing was replacing the flowers in the flower boxes on the front porch and potting a few other flowers.  

The past few weekends Aaron had been helping me get my sewing room ready.  A lot of the things I am using in my sewing room I have had for a long time.  Just waiting to put it all together!  There were several things that needed to be painted and one big item got an overhaul!  

A few weeks ago we got a new TV and had to replace the entertainment center.  The new TV wouldn't fit in it.  Before we got the new TV stand Aaron suggested that he do some cosmetic surgery on our ginormous one that we had and try to use it instead of buying new.  After a few measurements he decided it wouldn't work.  This entertainment center is the one that had been in my house as I was growing up for as long as I can remember.  It was passed down to me and Aaron and we have used it ever since.  I wanted to sell it but Aaron wanted me to keep it to use in my craft room.  Well, this thing is really big.  And really tall.  I argued that it would be too big and over power the room.  He argued all the storage potential it had.  It didn't go with my room.   He again mentioned he could cut the top off.  I was kinda coming around to the idea then my friend Erin came over and said, "You should cut the top off and just have the drawers.  Paint it!"  So guess what . . . you ready to see the before and after pics?


 Here is the monstrocity of an entertainment center before.  (Please ignore all the junk, we were moving things around)


 And after a facelift, here we are!

With plenty of drawer space for fabric and other things!  My Mom came over and helped me move all my fabric from the hall closet to the drawers.  It was a two person job.  There are 4 drawers of fabric.  I think I have a problem . . .

A nice little cubby.  This is probably my favorite thing about this piece of furniture.  My sister and I used to hide in this hole when we were little. (the shelf is removable)

 A place for my thread on top!

 I have been so excited to have a place for my thread.  You just don't understand!  I bought this spool rack about a year ago and painted it a pretty shade of blue and it has been sitting in the garage ever since!  Every time I need a different color of thread I had to go in the garage to get it.  

 My sewing desk.  Obviously I haven't used it to sew on because my sewing machine is in it's case on the floor to the right of the table!  I bought this table at a yard sale a few years ago.  I wanted it really bad but got it for Ava.  I painted it the color the I wanted to paint it and it has been in her room until we repainted a desk that was my Grandmother's and switched them out.  Actually, my Grandmother's desk would have been more suitable for sewing but I love the lines of this one!
This little corner isn't quite finished.  I really need to find some type of shelving to go to the left of my desk.  I have a pretty yellow lamp that needs a home and I think it would work perfectly there if I can find the right type of shelf . . . may just have to make one . . . The three pieces of art hanging on the wall there are all painted by Adrianna.  I'll  have a place for Ava's as well.  She just needs to paint some pictures for me!

 Here we have a reclaimed piece of trash!  Sometime last year my friend Erin and I went walking while the kids had choir practice.  She got to church before me and spotted this piece of trash.  Of course it was minus the blue paint and chicken wire but she saw potential and new I was looking for stuff for my room.  So I loaded it in my car and hauled it home.  I wish I had taken a before picture but it was just some kind of particle board used for packaging.  Now it's a place to clip fabric swatches and yarn for color stories and ideas and pictures my kids draw!

 I have had this shelf for about 2 years.  Just sitting in the garage.  So not too long ago Aaron took it to Goodwill without asking me.  When I noticed it was gone I was so upset.  He thought since it had been sitting in the garage for 2 years I wasn't going to use it.  So, he went to GW to see if it was still there.  He was so lucky it was still there.  He had to buy it back for $3.99.  What a bargain!

So, my room is getting there.  Slowly but surely!  I'll post more pictures as I get more of it finished.

Today we enjoyed more beautiful weather and the girls played outside with chalk, bubbles and basketball.

Love this face!

Now I am going to get the girls ready for bed!  I won't be too far behind them.  I'm tired!


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