Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Fun

Saturday night was the Father/Daughter dance at our local Arts Center.  I was thrilled that Aaron took the girls!  They met up with some friends before hand for dinner then went to the dance.  I hear it was quite fun.  I had about 3 hours to myself and that was nice!

Before the dance the girls and I spent some time getting ready.  That was the fun part for me!  We did hair and "makeup" (lip gloss) then they put their dresses on.

They hid their dresses from Aaron and wouldn't let him see them until they were ready.  It was so cute and they were so excited!

Aaron was excited, too.  I think.  I'm so glad that he did this with the girls.  He won't know how much it means to them but they will never forget it!

 My silly family.  It's so hard to get a "normal" picture.   That is their normal.

 I think this is my favorite picture . . .

 Love this picture, too!

This afternoon we went to my Mom's for lunch.  The girls, Opa, and Aaron enjoyed some backyard basketball after lunch.


Oh look, here is another monkey!

Mom and Adrianna took the opportunity to clean out a flower bed.  Afterwards Adrianna's hands started itching and her lip swelled up so we had to cut our visit short and go home for some Benadryl.

We did stop by Sherwin Williams before we went to Mom's to pick out paint for my next project.  I knew what color I wanted when we went in but came out with something totally different.  I'll have before and after pictures hopefully soon!


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