Monday, February 6, 2012

A long weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend!  My weekend started a little early.  I was able to get off work at lunch time on Thursday so I went home and did some sewing before I had to get the girls.

 Cotton napkins!  Yay, maybe we'll cut down on the extreme amount of paper towels we use! 

Oh yeah, here is a little pincushion I whipped up Thursday evening using some fabric scraps.  Isn't it cute?

Friday I had planned to get some errands taken care of then having lunch at school with the girls.  All didn't go as planned but does it ever?  I went to Wal-mart to pick up a few things and order some hot wings for the Superbowl.  I wanted the special where you "pick 3", two meats and a side - a pound of each.  I asked for that and wanted both of the meats to be hot wings.  Well, I think I can stop right here because you probably know what I am going to say.  That's right "you have to pick two different meats".   Long story short, I stood there 20 minutes to order some wings.  I had to speak to a manager about it and she was very nice and told the girl that didn't make sense and to give me what I wanted.  That took up so much of my time before I had to be at school for lunch so I did a quick run through and grabbed the things I needed, checked out, loaded my stuff in the car, returned the cart, and realized that I had three things under my purse in the cart that I hadn't paid for!  Yes, I took them back in and paid for them.  I first went to the guy who checked me out.  He was busy but laughed and suggested I do the self check out since it was empty and I only had 3 things.  I had just enough time to run home, throw my cold stuff in the fridge, grab my lunch and get to school.  Ava eats first and the kids were already sitting down when I got there.  She looked so relieved when she saw me.  She thought I wasn't coming!  I felt bad.  I did enjoy my lunch with the girls though.

After visiting with the girls I made a fabric run.  I was invited by my friend to go to a quilting group that evening and needed to get the material.

Quilt fabric!

I have never made a quilt and to be honest was a little intimidated.  However, my friend assured me I could do it.  Another friend of ours is the one who is leading the group.  I had so much fun meeting everyone and hanging out with such a great group of ladies!  My friend who leads the group was so patient and made sure everyone had the help they needed.  I got a lot done that night.  I was able to get the front done on Sunday.  Still a lot to do and I can't wait to go again!

 Here is a picture of some of the blocks that I was able to finish!  I feel like I got so much done :)

Aaron and I were able to spend the day on Saturday together.  My Mom and Step-dad picked the girls up and took them out for the day.  They went to the planetarium and had fun all day.  Aaron and I went to Burlington and out to lunch.  It was nice.  I was able to work on some embroidery pieces Saturday afternoon.  I also made this rice bag for my friend . . .

Sunday morning, the girls wanted waffles for breakfast.  I don't have a waffle maker, wish I did, so we had Eggo's!  I got a lot done around the house on Sunday and made homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.  I felt very productive.  This included finishing sewing the rows together for my quilt.  Then before I knew it, it was time to go to a Superbowl party!  We had fun last night hanging out with good friends and eating good food!

 My sweet girls!

 Mmmm . . . good breakfast!

Homemade chicken noodle for lunch!  A favorite around here.

The front of my quilt!

  I finished up some more napkins before Superbowl.  I never use those fancy stitches on my sewing machine so I wanted to see what they would do.  Turned out pretty cute!

This evening we watched Megamind and enjoyed "hanging" out with the family :)  Now the kiddos are in bed and I am going to get rid of this piece of chocolate chess pie my MIL left for me.  I tell her not to leave things like that but she does not listen to me! 


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  1. Such a lovely quilt!! You'll have 20 more made before you know it.....