Monday, May 28, 2012

Living on the Edge

That's right.  We were brave this weekend.  Well, Adrianna was brave.  She has been begging Aaron to take her training wheels off of her bike.  We've been putting it off because this girl has no fear and we could foresee terrible accidents, scraped knees and elbows.  I had a feeling she would do great actually riding the bike but knew she would get too comfortable too quickly, hence the avoidance.

Aaron had promised he would take her training wheels off this weekend.  He avoided it for most of the day.  She didn't let him forget and reminded him every once in a while about taking her training wheels off.  So he did.  And she did great!!  

She was so excited!!  I grabbed my camera to document this milestone and ran outside.  When she saw me she was smiling and laughing.  Instead of watching what she was doing, she kept looking towards me to smile for her pictures which in turn made her wobbly and lose control.  No accidents, Aaron was there to catch her, but seeing that I was a distraction I went back inside.

A little while later she was flying down the road!

Poor Ava was sick all weekend :(  She spent most of the weekend on the couch watching movies.  The first few days that she was sick, I was tethered to the other couch so I got a lot of reading done on Friday and Saturday.

By Sunday, Ava was feeling better so I decided to live on the edge as well.  Crochet edge, that is.  I had started pillow cases for the girls with intention of putting a crocheted edge on them.  I finally spent the day in my craft room working on these.  I just love them, they are so pretty and girly :)

 The pillowcase has a pocket on the open end to hide your pillow that is stuffed inside ;)

backside of the pillowcase

 I had enough fabric to make two of each of these!

Well, that's all for now!  Nothing else really exciting here . . .



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