Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 before 31

I like to make lists. Lots of them. They give me an idea of what shape my day will take on and a sense of accomplishment when I get to mark something off. It doesn't matter what kind of list, I like them all! Grocery list, book list, Christmas list, what to pack when we travel, daily to do list. . . You name it, I'll make a list out of it.

Last year I decided to do a 29 things to do before I turned 30 list. I started late in the year but felt I could do most of what was on my list. I thought about all the areas of my life and what I wanted to change, improve, or embellish upon. Those areas were family, home and self. I made my list and posted it on facebook. In the weeks to come I noticed a few of my facebook friends doing the same thing! I love goals and I love to accomplish things so I was thrilled to see other people making their own lists and setting goals for themselves.

I turned 30 in June. I didn't get all of my list marked off but had said in the beginning that I had no problem transferring some things to my next list. It just means that I didn't have time or the opportunity just wasn't there. I knew some things may take more time . . .

I'm a little earlier with my list this year! I have been steadily working my way to cross off some things. Yep, I can even go ahead and mark through some of them. But I won't just because I don't want to mess up all that hard work I put into it!

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