Sunday, November 13, 2011

get busy!

So my plan for this weekend was to make stuff. All weekend. Well, that didn't happen but I'm not complaining!! My sister decided to come for a quick visit this weekend! She doesn't get to see me often so she was very excited to visit :) Okay, okay, I was very excited to see her. She brought her baby girl with her so I got to spend some time cuddling with her. I have to say baby girl really likes her auntie Natalie! We were able to spend some sister sister time together, go to a movie and hang out with some friends for a little bit. She left just a little while ago and I dropped my kids off with my Mom so I thought I'd catch up on some things I had planned to do and blog a little.

My goal for this afternoon is to finish up rice bag orders, make a Christmas wreath, work on some dish cloths and drink my hot chocolate (which I will enjoy drinking in peace and quiet). Maybe I'll get some stuff done . . .

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