Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It has a story . . .

I love vintage things and old things. Things with a story and a history. I love nostalgia. It makes me feel good. I love becoming the steward of precious things passed down from generation to generation and look forward to the day I can pass those things down to my children. I am hugely sentimental! My husband keeps me on track as far as keeping the "keeping" down to a minimum though. He is a thrower away-er (not really a word, I know). I am not.

This was my Grandmother's typewriter.

It. Is. So. Heavy.

I'm sure there is a story that goes along with this typewriter. It starts with where my Grandmother bought it and when. It continues with what she typed on it and why. The details of the story? I wish I could know. At least my story can begin with "This was my Grandmother's . . ."

I wanted to type my 30 before 31 list on this but it needs a new ribbon. Anyone know where I can get one of those? The girls have been itching to try it out!

I can't wait to get my "craft room" finished (which by the way I will refer to as my studio from now on :)). This typewriter, along with a few other passed down items will find new homes there.

This is a keeper.

Remember when there were door to door typewriter salesmen? Neither do I!

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  1. You could ask your mother about the history. I typed many a school paper on this machine.