Thursday, November 17, 2011

That was fast!

I have had an empty picture frame sitting on my desk since this summer. My intentions were to make a message board with it. Today, I was getting ready to print some things for Christmas ornaments and the frame was sitting on top of the printer (where it has been since this summer). Being me, and easily distracted, I got side tracked and whipped up this little bugger instead.

I used an 8x10 photo frame ($5.00 at Walmart)
2 pieces of white paper
Some yellow polka dot fabric from my stash
And a glue stick

This was super easy and really fast! First I had to cover the board behind the glass with white paper so it wouldn't show through my fabric. Next I cut the fabric (an inch bigger than the board on all sides) and glued it to the board. Then I popped the now fabric covered board back into the frame. Ta da!

The really fun thing about this is that when I get tired of the yellow fabric I can switch it out with some different fabric. Or even fun scrapbook paper. Ooooo, I could change it with the seasons or birthdays . . .

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