Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few things off my list

The other day I was trying to mark some things off my "to make" list so I started with the easiest of the things on my list. The first thing I did was make a Tooth Fairy pillow for the girls. Ava has already lost several teeth and I had been meaning to make her a pillow. She has a loose tooth now and I know it won't be long until Adrianna looses a tooth so I thought I'd better get it done quickly. I just made one so I hope they don't loose a tooth on the same day!

Here she is :)

With a little pocket so the Tooth Fairy can leave some money!

I also finished up the orders I had for the rice heating packs/cold packs. These are so wonderful! I love to warm mine up in the microwave then put it in bed to keep my feet warm :) They are great! I also have one in the freezer as a boo-boo pack. This is great because it's ready to use, you don't have to wrap it up (my kids can get it out on their own for bumps or bruises, microscopic boo-boo's) and they don't melt. I've been using one as a wrist rest at my key board as well. So many uses!

Aren't they lovely! They would make great teacher's gifts!

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