Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A doughnut truck, hot chocolate, and embroidery . . .

I saw this on my way to work this morning.  I snapped a pic (at the stop light!) and sent it to Aaron :)

My rear is still hurting.  I'm still using ice but it makes my whole body cold when I ice it.  Another trip to the chiropractor today helped!

I had some time after lunch before my appointment so I went to my two favorite places.  Hobby Lobby and Barnes & Noble.  I want to make a few sets of cloth napkins to use at home so I went in search of some fun material to make them out of.  I wasn't feeling very inspired as I was shopping.  Not that HL doesn't have some really cute fabric because they do.  It's just that I really want to paint my kitchen and Aaron and I have yet to decide on a color and I want my napkins to coordinate.  I did get some red gingham . . . since the red from my cabinet is growing on me I thought it would make some cute napkins.

Then I went into B&N to kill some time before my chiropractic appointment this afternoon.  I really wanted a good coffee or something so I stood in line forever at the Starbuck's in B&N and ordered a Skinny Salted Caramel Mocha.  I love salted dark chocolate or salted caramel.  There is a candy store in the mountains we like to visit that makes and sells gourmet chocolate.  They have a chocolate covered caramel candy with sea salt that it swoon worthy.  Using deductive reasoning and common sense, I decided that this was the drink for me.  I.  Was.  Wrong.




I don't know if the girl who made it just really messed it up or what but I couldn't drink it.  As a matter of fact, I gagged.  Never again will I step out of my caramel latte comfort zone and try anything different at Starbucks.  I poured my $4.55 down the drain.

I was really disappointed about missing out on a fancy drink so after my chiropractic appointment I went home and made some real hot chocolate.  You know with milk, Hersey's Cocoa powder, sugar, salt and vanilla.  It was wonderful and much cheaper.

 So I sat down (on a hard chair and with some ice) with my hot chocolate and computer to catch up on some blogs I like to read.  Then my hiney starting hurting so I got up and finished up some things I started for my craft room that still does not exist. 

I stitched this dress makers form using a Sublime Stitching pattern and framed it in a metal hoop that was my Grandma's . . .

and this cameo which is also in a metal hoop from Grandma's . . .

and I embroidered embroidery in this wooden hoop (not vintage) . . .

All to eventually hang on a wall in my craft room . . . sometime . . .

A few weeks ago I found a pillow case that Ava and I had started a long time ago and never finished.  She had almost finished one of the birds :)  I finished up the other bird then made a second pillow case for Adrianna.

Here are the two finished pillow cases.

Just for fun, here are some pretty vintage spools of thread that belonged to my Grandmother.

Aren't thy pretty!  Coats and Clark 15 cent.

*all embroidery patterns are from Sublime Stitching


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