Friday, January 20, 2012

Skating party? Pass the ice please . . .

Last night we celebrated the birthday of a friend with our families at the skating rink.  Skating has been on my list of things to do for a while now.  Not like I haven't ever been skating, quite the contrary.  When I was a KID we went skating all the time.  So going skating last night with our friends brought back fun memories.  The last time I went was probably 3 years ago for an after season soccer party for Ava's team.  Since I had a 6 year old and 3 year old to watch I didn't really get to skate.  So I've been wanting to go.  So since a friend of mine is celebrating her birthday today - Happy Birthday, Erin! - she suggested skating.  It was family night last night and the kids didn't have school today so it was the perfect night to go.

The night started off great!  We gave Erin her bday gifts.  She was the one I was buying for on Wednesday.   Here is what I got her . . .

Pretty yarn!

I almost didn't skate because my back had been hurting all day.  I knew I'd pay for it the next day if I did skate but had planned on calling the chiropractor for an appointment in the morning anyway.  I know, way to rationalize!  So I decide to skate . . .

kinda bothered me that my laces didn't match . . .

Anyway, the kiddos needed help so a lot of the time we were all helping out a kid or two until they got a little more confident on their wheels.  I think everyone had a good time.  Aaron kept trying to sneak up on me to make me fall.  Didn't work.  I was sneaky and asked the DJ to say "Happy Birthday" to Erin at some point in the evening.  I didn't realize they would call her out to the middle of the rink before the Hokey Pokey and have everyone sing to her!  That was fun :)

I was having a great time until the couples skate and Adrianna wanted to skate with me.  She fell, I bent down to help, got a little off balance, over compensated, ended up on my rear.  I fell right on my tail bone.  Hard.  I saw my life flash before my eyes then my legs in the air.  How my legs got up that high with heavy skates on my feet I will never know.  But get this, NOBODY came to my rescue!  Can you believe that?  There were 7 adults with us including me and not a single one saw me fall!  I guess that's a good thing.  If Aaron saw me fall he would have laughed.  Had my friend Emily's husband witnessed my fall he would NEVER let me live it down :)  Alas, one of the guys did see me struggling to get off the rink and came to see if he could help.  Thanks Paul!  Aaron got me to a bench and took my skates off and someone went to get ice (thanks Patrick!).  I really thought I was going to pass out.  I was afraid I broke my butt!  But I could walk, if barely.  So I iced all the way home then used my awesome rice bag that stays in the freezer for the rest of the night.

I called first thing this morning and made an appointment with the chiropractor.  Adrianna and her friend giggled as I yelled while being adjusted.  So I have a very bruised tail bone which will take about 6 weeks to heal.  Ice, rest and no sitting on soft surfaces for a long time.  Oh, and Motrin.

This afternoon I was talking to Aaron on the phone and mentioned how much fun skating was last night and that we'd have to go again sometime. . . Uh, not anytime soon!  It was fun and we will go again.  Until then I will be visiting the chiropractor several times and I'm getting a massage tomorrow - thanks Mom! But for tonight I guess I'll take it easy and lay around :)   

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  1. Too Cute! I see my Patrick in the background of your picture:)