Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

My goal for this blog was not to turn it into a food blog but it kinda looks as if it's going that way.  I guess with my new found love for cooking and trying new things it's only appropriate that I should document my food adventures here.  So here are a few things that we did this weekend.

One of my many goals has and still is is for my family to eat healthier.  If you know me, you probably know that I refuse to buy my kids sugary breakfast cereal, poptarts, kool aid, certain juices, etc. . . *disclaimer - I have been know to purchase a box of chocolate poptarts and stash them at work for emergency purposes only.*  I realize my last post spoke of doughnuts and how to make them.  Just to be clear here, that is a rare treat for my kids.  If doughnuts are purchased in this household it's because Aaron buys them.   Then he usually eats them all before the kids can get more than 1 a piece.

So what did I decide to make on Saturday morning? My own poptarts of course.  Yet another sugary treat!  They have got to be healthier than the store bought ones right?  I took my inspiration from something I found on pinterest.  You can find it here.

We made strawberry and chocolate :)  I used the roll out pie crust and cut into small rectangles.  For the strawberry ones I used about 1 Tbsp of strawberry jam for the filling and I made a strawberry blaze (refer to previous post as to why it is a blaze and not a glaze).  For the blaze I mixed a little confectioners sugar with a little jam and milk.  For the chocolate poptarts I used chocolate chips and Adrianna made a chocolate blaze the same way we did for the doughnuts (refer to previous post).  They were really good!  I'm sure we will be making these again soon!

As it turns out, Adrianna loves to help me in the kitchen!


We had some scraps left over of the pie crust and I didn't want to waste them but was also feeling a little lazy and didn't want to smush it all together then roll it out so we made some cinnamon sugar crisps.  To do this, beat one egg with a little bit of vanilla extract.  Mix together cinnamon and sugar in a separate bowl.  Take a scrap, dip in egg, toss in cinnamon and sugar mixture then bake.  Mmmm, these were great as well.

I think one of my favorite things to cook is soup.   I love soup!  Soups are usually fairly easy to make and I love that you can cook everything in one pot.  Tomato soup is my favorite so I decided I would attempt to make my own today.  Aaron hates tomato soup and he was working today so I thought today seemed like the best day to try it.  As it was cooking he came home for lunch and said "What smells so good?!"  Ha!  For my tomato soup I used this as a reference.

* I would add some garlic next time and I left out the tomato paste and thyme. I think she meant 2 Tbsp of flour so that's what I used. 

 There is nothing like a good bowl of tomato soup . . .

with the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!


Look at that lunch!  Mmmm . . . 

This my new favorite tomato soup.  No more cans of tomato soup (which is loaded in sodium anyway).  Had tomatoes been in season and I had some fresh ones, I would have used fresh instead of canned.  I'm going to try really hard to keep up my garden this year and grow lots of tomatoes to can since my family practically lives on tomatoes anyway (for pasta, pizza and I love to add tomatoes in random things I cook).  I think it would be more cost effective not to mention healthier.

I'm sure you know how to make a grilled cheese but here is what I do:  I use provolone and sharp cheddar cheese with a very small pat of butter, melt some butter in a small frying pan and cook it in that.  Very cheesy and delish!

Up next on the menu for this week . . . french onion soup!

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